Discover How Every New Moon and Full Moon Will Personally Affect You for the next 12 Months!

Let's look at all the New Moons and Full Moons for the next 12 months, check the positions in your natal chart and determine where and how they may affect you. 

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Every New Moon and Full Moon will affect you personally based on your unique natal chart!

Let's look and see where each Moon touches your chart.

There are 12 areas of life that will be affected.

 The Areas are:

  • Self
  • Money/Values
  • Communication
  • Home/Family
  • Fun/Creativity
  • Daily Routines/Health
  • Relationships/Partnership
  • Transformation/Legacies
  • Learning/Adventure
  • Career/Public Image
  • Friends/Community
  • Dreams/Inner Self


  • At the New Moon, you want to call in what you are seeking. That's when you set intentions.


  • At the Full Moon, you want to release what is no longer working.


  • When you understand the area of your chart each Moon is impacting, you will better be able to harness the energy of the cycle to assist in manifesting your dreams! 


  • Your intentions and magical manifestations will be amplified!


Hi! It's Tricia, from Bermuda Fog Astrology!

I am an Intuitive Astrologer based on the island of Bermuda. I am also a certified Moonologer © (trained by Yasmin Boland) and an Infinite Possibilities Trainer.

The Moon follows a set rhythm and cycle every month and following this rhythm helps me keep my life, my dreams and my goals on track.I love to follow the cycle of the Moon and I invite you to do the same.

Let's work together to see how the New and Full Moons will personally touch your life for the next 12 months! 


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